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PH Open Days 2015 - Round Up

Kinloch Passive House
Whanganui Passive House

Across New Zealand and the world, the weekend of 14 - 15 November saw Passive House owners open their doors to the public to show off their homes.

This event was once again hugely succesful with homeowners in Auckland, Taupo, Whanganui, Greytown, Christchurch, Wanaka and Queenstown hosting the public in the Passive Houses.  Here is a quick round-up from some of the venues.

A desire to implement the principles of efficiency and no wasted energy, that they use in their everyday life as Engineers, led Andrew and Katy to choose a Passive House for their new home.

The home is almost complete and guests were impressed by the quality of finish and the steady, comfortabe temperature within the home.

This home features a ground source heat pump for heating, and also a ground loop to provide cooling during summer via the ventilation system.

In the circular "Alice in Wonderland" staircase room the Passive House Day guests started their journey into comfort, healthiness and energy efficiency.

Kim, the owner and builder of this Kinloch Passive House disclosed the story of his family house. "We built our Passive house two years ago to provide a comfortable home environment and to minimise our energy consumption. Over the winter months we have a constant temperature of 21°C throughout the 300m2 house and we have maintained that with a 2kW heater plugged in for a total of 14 days. Costing a total of $200."

Guests were impressed by the beauty of the triple-glazed timber windows and by the simplicity of the mechanical ventilation system, the home's beating heart. The cosy-warmth feeling of the house will last long for the guests.

Inspired by a trip to Parthenay - a fortified town in western France, the designer of this energy efficient residential house has created a unique family home that coalesces quaint French villa and farmhouse-living with energy efficiency that exceeds the highest energy efficiency standard in the world.

It sits quite casually on a small life-style block farm in rural Whanganui, NZ. Since completion earlier this year many visitors have travelled to experience the Passive House feel. The week before last the home was part of a local fundraising event little piece of Christmas with over 120 people enjoying the French flavour and decor. Last weekend the home was one of the many around the world participating in the Passive House Open days.

One of the most talked about features of the home is the wood-aluminium tilt turn window joinery which combine function with beauty. The other common topic is the fact that this home is heated with a single 400 watt heater and this is enough to provide a warm healthy living environment!

The small radiator sits in the corner of the lounge like a trophy. Robin, the home owner, claims he doesn’t turn it on until after the shortest day of the year and even then it will heat the whole three-bedroom house easily.

Passive House Open Days is about the public experiencing completed projects and home owners communicating their experience of living in a Passive House. The three separate groups that visited Robin’s home in Greytown were all impressed by the feel of the home and Robin’s stories of even, comfortable temperatures and low power bills.