Passive Houses

A Passive House in Germany

The Passive House Standard is a building performance standard developed in Germany in the late 1980's.

It has subsequently been implemented in over 30,000 buildings world-wide and has been proven to work, through rigorous monitoring and testing.

The Passive House Standard sets very strict criteria for performance in key areas of energy-efficiency.

The Passive House Institute NZ is very pleased to be bringing the Passive House Standard to New Zealand; a standard which will dramatically improve the quality and health of New Zealanders' homes.

The Passive House Institute NZ is convinced that Certified Passive Houses can be built in New Zealand/Aotearoa cost effectively, and that they are well suited to cope with the various climates in our country.

Internationally, Certified Passive Houses are a growth sector as well as the world's best researched building standard, with in-depth, third party evaluations of technical and social aspects carried out in hundreds of units. Certified Passive Houses are in demand because they demonstrably work.

Research shows that Certified Passive Houses offer unsurpassed indoor air quality and comfort at minimal running cost. With Certified Passive Houses, everyone wins: home owners, the building industry and the environment.

It is time for Certified Passive Houses to continue their triumphal world tour in New Zealand/Aotearoa.

The Passive House Institute NZ will support the design and building industry, as well as the public with unbiased information about all aspects of Certified Passive Houses, and engage in conversations with its counterparts around the world.