Passive House – beyond the crystal ball

Crystal ball
Passive House Wanganui

Passive Houses are buildings fit for human occupation: healthy and comfortable places to live. Incidentally, they also need very little energy to perform that way. The tried and tested Passive House planning tools together with a thorough peer review process that is the certification of Passive Houses guarantees that this performance is more than a promise: with a Certified Passive House, you get what you have paid for.

Passive Houses can be built for the same budget other good homes are built for – but only, if the building was designed with Passive House criteria in mind from the first pencil stroke by someone who knows Passive Houses. Grafting Passive House on to an existing design is typically not cost-effective. Every architect should know about the Passive House standard - but not all do.


Throughout the design and building process, utmost attention to detail is necessary for a good result, and required as documentation in the certification process. On-site tests confirm that the building performs as designed: featuring superb indoor environmental quality and low running cost.

The outcome of the Passive House quality assurance scheme are stunning buildings tailored to the well-being of people and the planet.